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What is UrbanBeat

UrbanBeat was born in July 2006 and was the first official website and 100% legal site for sellin and buying instrumental music in France!

Today we offer a much broader site that allows particular artists and beatmakers to buy and sell their music in general: either Singles or Albums or Beats.

UrbanBeat is an essential platform in the Game for any artist or serious beatmaker who is eager to do business with his music.

We offer some of the best tools and innovations of the Game to help our members to maximize the management of their business.

In short UrbanBeat is a platform for buying and selling of music.

UrbanBeat and Members recommendations

The icon "UB Recommends" indicates a potential HIT track on selected songs.

The icon is awarded after listening to songs in Process before it becomes availbal online.

We chose to take sides on the Tracks and therefore highlight those that we believe deserve immediate recognition from customers trying to be as widely open minded as possible about the music selected.

This choice is related to our internal assessment.

The purpose of the recommendation is to a power of suggestion on music and in no way to penalize non-selected tracks.

Our desire is to help customers find the best tracks on the web. This makes it difficult to adopt the position of impartiality with regard to music online.

Then everyone is free to fend for themselves to find the music and free to ignore the icons recommendation.

Furthermore, and for this we have set up a way that allows site members to recommend their own songs that they think deserve it. We called it : "Recommendations members."

The operation is very simple: for a non-selected track by the Admin, every 5 member's recommendation gets a blue icon that will appear next to track recommended by Members.

Members' recommendation

We have implemented a system that allows members to recommend the songs that they think deserve it. We called it "Recommendations members.

The operation is very simple: for a non-selected track by the Admin, every 5 member's recommendation gets a blue icon that will appear next to track recommended by Members.

What is an Exclusive Beat

The Exclusive Beat can be only be granted to one perso.
The customer has a right to exclusive use of the Beat(and is free to use the work as it sees fit while respecting the code of intellectual property and copyright).

The customer does not own the work, but only allowed to use it according to the permissions under which the author sold them to. Beware of sites that tell you that the client becomes the exclusive owner of your beat!

The customer must include the beatmakers name in the song and / or credits.

Once the customer buys an Exclusive Beat, it will not be visible on the site. The latter will receive the multi-tracks of the Beat directly into the admin area.

What is a Non Exclusive Beat

The Non-Exclusive Beat can be granted permissions of use to more than one person.

The Non-Exclusive Beat only gives certain rights of use to the client.
The author (composer) is the owner of the work.

The customer must include the author of the composition of the work and UrbanBeat in the song and / or credits, especially when the ultimate protection of the work (composition + recording your vocal performance) from the organizations allowed.

What about the quality of Beats

Because of the quality we want to give our customers, UrbanBeat will appreciate the artistic quality of a song composed and its technical quality to be used (quality pre-mix, mixing, and mastering).

Then remember to do a good Mix of your beat:

-no saturation (crackling or buzzing)

-not affect recovery (effect of heavy, musty, serious effect,...)

Generally, a good stereo

place well the various elements of the piece in space

level off, each track for a balanced report

-use the EQ (equalizer) to refine the frequency

-use compressors to increase the level of certain instrument

-use effects (reverb, chorus, delay, morphing, etc.) in moderation

There are no rules to properly mixed a song, everyone has their own ear, and that's what makes the musical color of each of us.

Think about the artist who will use your song: a professional Beat in order to sell it. If you are unsure of your mix do not post the Beat yet. Have it listened by your family, friends, coworkers, take advice on learning about the Internet or simply listening to your favorite songs.

What is a Single ?

A single is defined as a "finished" recorded track on which a performing Artist has sung on it.

What can you do with the Credits

UB credits are virtual money to buy or use services on the site.

The credits are used to promote Beats Singles and albums

Use your credits from your admin page in the Table of Instrumentals - Tab "My Credits"

Who can Register on UrbanBeat ?

All Artists, Beatmaker or professional can register on UrbanBeat.

Note that any incomplete application will be automatically denied. UrbanBeat is a legal site.

If purchases or sales you will have contracts with artists and beatmakers, it is very important that in those the contracts, your exact coordinates appear properly, otherwise in case of any dispute you can not be legally identifiable.

* we do not accept members SACEM for the moment.

Rights of the Code of Intellectual Property

Below is a short explanation of the laws with which we encourage you to familiarize yourself because you will be brought eventually to assimilate and use them.

Moral law
The author's name should appear: you can not fail to mention the name or pseudonym of the author.

The work may not be altered by its creator: the author can rework his work as many times as he wants. The author may also prohibit or authorize any changes to his work made by another person.

The moral rights of the author is not transferable: the author can not assign his moral rights.

The moral rights of the author is perpetual: even after the death of the author and his heirs may exercise their moral rights in the work.

The author's moral rights are inalienable: it is elusive, even by the courts, the author can not abandon it.

The right of disclosure: the author is the sole judge of the state of finishing his work. Dissemination of the work without the consent of the author is an infringement of his moral rights.

The right to reconsider the Author: even after accepting the exploitation, the author has a right to reconsider or of withdrawal with respect to the transferee.

Patrimonial Law
The right of representation: the right is the communication of the work to the public by any process.
Reproduction rights: the right is in the physical fixation of the work by any means.

The rights are granted exclusively to performers, producers of phonograms and videograms and audiovisual communication companies. The beneficiaries of neighboring rights enjoy an exclusive right that gives them the ability to authorize or prohibit the use and operation of their performance and to receive remuneration.
excerpt from "Music publishing" by Jean Francois Bert
more info also:

Prices of Beat on UrbanBeat

The price of Beats is fixed by the beatmakers themselves and can range from 10€ amounts to no maximum limit, according to their exclusivity and quality .

UrbanBeat is a registered company (SARL) who has the right to allow beatmakers to sell on its platform, check before you to sell your music elsewhere.

Be sure to check the permissions you get before buying Beats

Advertising rated on UrbanBeat

If you want to advertise on UrbanBeat, we have implemented a wide range of offers to suit all budgets, ranging from a simple display for the week to complete a promotion this year.

The ads work by weeks, they are posted from Sunday to next Sunday.
For example, if you buy an ad on Tuesday, it will be online on Sunday.

The visuals of your ads must be supplied by you to the proper dimensions. We can, if you want, create your ad. Completion rates are indicated on the page advertisers. We recall however that we are not an agency graphic at the bottom, but we offer our members our workforce for those who want it.

The rates displayed are the "member's rate" only.
For non-member third parties or advertiser site an extra 35% will be applied.

UrbanBeat Playlists

As you know now UrbanBeat listens, and approves ALL tracks (Beats, Singles, ...) before they become available online for your customers.

Some of the tracks deserve to be included in our playlists BEATS or SINGLES.

Our selection is purely based on the feeling we get when listening to your song. There is no intentional discrimination or dam. If we digg we put in the playlist.

The Playlist is not intended to make a member sell more than another, but simply to share the tracks WE bounced too !

Back 2 Front

The Back 2 Front puts your songs back at the top of public Beats pages and displays them as if you had just upload them.

It gives visibility to your old songs.


Why Buy and sell on UrbanBeat ?

you are an Artist and you are looking for Beats, songs for your demo, your Mixtape, Album,

- The widest variety of instrumentals in Europe!
- Quality: The Beatsare ready to use.
- Simple payment: Paypal.
- An offer for EVERYONE:
2 types of accounts for Artists
- Upload as many singles as you want (Accounts)
- First 5 Singles Free
- Upload as many albums as you want
- generate your Beat album = Album Generator of beats in 1 click
- Create your own Beats or Singles Packs
- Create playlists and distribute them
- New public profile page = fully customizable
- Back 2 Front = put your old tracks back in front
- Real-time search engine ultra powerful
- Recommend the beats Tracks
- Note and comment on your favorite members
- View and create your own criteria rankings
- Tools for real-time promotions
- Post your music catalog through UB Widgets
- Announce your concerts
- Upload your videos and clips
- Talk about yourself, we interview you
- Automatic management of multi-tracks reception
- Manage your payroll
- Manage Your Fanbase
- Online Mastering
- Digital Distribution
- Site completely legal and safe
- Legal Protection Beatmakers and Artists
- Each transaction = formal contract
- We Respect your copyright
- Also a reduced site:

Artist Account


Singles 40% 0%
Albums 0% 0%
Singles with UB beat Unlimited Unlimited
Singles with non-UB beat 5 Unlimited
Albums Illimité Illimité
Singles Quarterly When you want
Albums Immédiat Immédiat

Earn with NO COMMISSION with UBbox
Earnings 100% 100%
Payments Immédiat Immédiat

more info on UBbox

How do I get my money

Artists Paypments

You receive the money of your sale immediately after the transaction through PayPal.

How to get your purchased Beats ?

Once your payment is confirmed -Immediately by Paypal

You can download them directly from your "Account" - "My Orders" -

Multi-tracks will only be sent to the Beats sold in Exclusive mode.

Regarding the multi-tracks, you will have 15 days to download them from your admin area before they are automatically deleted from our servers.

Authisation right of use of your Beats

When you buy a Beat, remember that its use will be regulated according to the permissions you have granted the author.

Here is an explanation of what the different rights and permissions mean in plain language.

-Non-commercial / private circle

The use of the work to your benefit it should remain in private and / or non-profit. (Possibly to solicit labels or record companies)

Commercial exploitation-

You have the right to exploit the work to your benefit it in any form whatsoever profit. Be careful, you may have other formalities. You must respect the moral rights of the author of the composition (you should always assign the authorship of the composition that is clearly mentioned as the author of the composition in the exploitation of the work ) and confirm with him as if the distribution of perceptions of the various rights that the operation would bring.

In case of commercial / professional, it is strongly recommended to protect your work. In such cases, the beneficiaries must agree to complete the formalities including declaration forms to enable collective management. It should then clearly identify the work (eg the exact title of the composition) and beneficiaries (eg the author). For more information on this subject, you can contact such as SACEM.

-Right of public performance

You authorize the dissemination of this work to your benefit to destination over a public (concerts, clubs, ...).


You have the right to set the work on whatever medium (CD, DVD, Flash, ...).


Allows you to use the work with or without your benefit above for illustration (film music, advertising, ...).

Right-broadcast for promotional

For example you can distribute the work to your benefit to canvass top record labels, or broadcast (public performance) for free your performance on this work.

-Right to broadcast on a commercial basis

For example you can spread your work over provision for profit. You must confirm with the author of the composition according to the case, the distribution of the various rights that the operation would bring.

-Right of Distribution

Allows you to distribute the work to your benefit on by all kinds of means known or hereafter devised.

Right-arrange, adapt, modify and or convert

The author allows you to arrange, adapt, modify and / or transform his work, but it nevertheless has a right to reconsider because of its moral rights to enable it to oppose the use of your version. You will need to send a copy of your arrangement, adaptation or modification before using the new version.


You have the right to use part of the song to create a new work but not the duration of the sample is less than 15 seconds.

Remember that whatever happens from the use of the title you must include the name of the composer's instrumental work and that of UrbanBeat. Fr

What happens if you get signed ?

You bought an Beatof, you have done your thing with it and your efforts have resulted in a deal from a producer or a record company. Bravo!

But beware!

If you want to use a work purchased as "Exclusive" for commercial / professional reasons. You will, if protection and commercial exploitation, ensure that the formalities are observed, and to pay according to usage rights, including rights SACEM - SDRM under collective management. You should also mention

Beats download

When you purchase a beat on the site, you can download it immediately after confirmation of your payment.
Note that the beats can be deleted after 6 months.

Free Beats

Enjoy Free Beats offered by your favorite beatmakers!

How it works: the Beatmaker can choose to add a free Beat with the purchase of a payed Beat.

Once you have completed the purchase of an instrument paying in your admin section "My orders" you will see next to the beat purchased a link "download your free beat" that will redirect you to a special page where you can choose a free Beat from beatmaker list

NOTE: Permissions for free Beats are:

- Non-commercial use + add his voice: yes
- Right of Distribution: yes
- Right to distribute for promotional and / or commercial: yes
- Right to concerts, public performance: yes
- Right timing: yes
- The right to settle, adapt, modify and or convert: no
- Right of sample: no

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- Right to distribute : -
- Right to use for promotionnal or commercial actitivies : -
- Right to use for public representation : -
- Right to Sync. : -
- Right to Arrange, modify, adapt or transform : -
- Right to sample : -

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