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X Last Name : AGGangMusic
Type : Beatmaker
Joined: 13/01/2013
Number of tracks online : 258
Nbr of sales : 32

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GFamilia GFamilia
X Last Name : GFamilia
Type : Beatmaker
Joined: 09/02/2008
Number of tracks online : 12
Nbr of sales : 0

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didikong didikong
X Last Name : didikong
Type : Beatmaker
Joined: 25/04/2011
Number of tracks online : 4
Nbr of sales : 0

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X Last Name : MKASH
Type : Beatmaker
Joined: 21/10/2011
Number of tracks online : 2
Nbr of sales : 0

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Spax Spax
X Last Name : Spax
Type : Beatmaker
Joined: 30/06/2008
Number of tracks online : 12
Nbr of sales : 34

Latest Tracks :

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You are a member of UB for a long time, and your songs are far behind in the main display pages?
We have developed for you the "Back 2 Front" which allows you to simply be able to re-list your old tracks in the early pages of Beat displays.
This module is ideal if you do not want to use the promotion "Beats to have"
This module is particularly strong as it always keeps you in the loop of the new uploaded beats on the site. Come and discover the module.

A 6 pack please !

On UrbanBeat you can now create your own Beats Packs or Singles Packs ! Select the track you want to "pack" and choose the price of your pack !

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By choosing to participate in the program of UB Packs, you allow us to select your instrumentals when we create packages for artists. Pleqse note thqt the Program for UB Packs works through royalties on each sale. In short you will receive a percentage of every sale of UB Pack. The percentage is determined by our team, but you can view the terms of percentage seamlessly into your admin.

Free is rare, Rare is Expensive !

Give some of your singles for FREE. This will ensure a first effective broadcast of your music among your listeners. You can then evaluate the appreciation of the public before starting a wider distribution. Then you can easily monetize your singles. "Bait" to sell on.

Money Money money : your Albums

Your album is finished or you have old albums in stock? Sell ​​them immediately and receive money from your sales to your PayPal account. On UrbanBeat you can sell (or distribute for free) your albums track by track or in full Zip download. Simply go [here] and start the upload. Note that each album posted on UB has its own customizable page.

Exclusive : tell what youl ike and we'll generat your album !

With our Exclusive Album Generator tool, you can create in 1 clici an album of instrumentals according to your needs. Answer a few questions to identify and filter your needs and then click "Generate" and done, UB suggests you an album of instrumentals that meets your criteria. The Generator can be used for generating albums of different Artists' Singles and to create customized packages of instrumentals.

Upload your Single AND your video

New to Promote Your Hit Single. You can now upload a single with the video clip that goes with it.

What's a good price for my music ?

The good and just selling price is always difficult to estimate. But our advice is to set the beats NE 10-50 � and from 50 to 1000 � the beats. There is no specific rule, but try to image your composition work as a "normal" work and multiply nbr of hours it took you to finished your Beat and multiplied by an hourly rate that you consider acceptable; note that today the hourly minimum wage and � 9 gross.

Recommend me bro !

Today on UrbanBeat you can "Recommend" a song that deserves to be. Recommend this song and then after 5 recommendations by 5 different people you will see the new icon "Recommendation members." Because you too can highlight the members that you love.

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Nothing more simple: open a PayPal account and provide your payment address here (in your admin). If we forget to pay you for unusal reason, tell us and we pay your due in - 24h. But you must contact us here, UrbanBeat pays all its members.

That's PHAT man, talk about me !

Your album is just in stores and you would like to talk about it? Let us know, we will do an interview to allow you to express yourself on your album and make its promo.

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If you are a UB Member you get 50% on our advertising rates . You can view our rates here and the areas concerned.

FREE Promo ? Hell yeah !

Each client has the right to free advertising for two weeks on the home page. So if your album is ready and at least one Beat was purchased on the site, then you get this offer! If the UB logo appears at the back of your album we will make a special offer on our social networks and on the blog. So get the UB logo here and send us a copy of your album (so that we hear your work) and you're done.

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The PlayerBox is a "widget" that allows you to broadcast your music on other websites (your website, myspace, blog, .... Any site that accepts html). It is easily integratable and redirects your clients to your pages. So feel free to place it wherever you can.

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Remember to comment your music and those of others. We are in the era of the social web. The more you talk, the more we know about your talent, your vision. The more we see you the less we forget you! So share your music, through Facebook and Twitter buttons, This is how the search engine will bring out your name more . You Must interact!

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